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If you are searching for a quality managed WordPress hosting provider, then this WPX Hosting review will help you to understand why you must pick this host. The demand for fast hosting providers is very high and in that market, WPX Hosting is doing extremely well. 

WPX Hosting started its service back in 2013 led by Terry Kyle. If you remember, they were formerly known as Traffic Planet Hosting. Terry understood the demand for a fast & quality hosting with great support and then launched WPX Hosting. 

Terry feeds 500+ homeless Dogs daily in Sofia, Bulgaria from his hosting business revenue. His love for Dogs has also added value to this company. 

There are many popular Managed hosting providers like WPEngine, Kinsta, etc. But cost wise they are very high compared to WPX Hosting. With a fast server, quality support, and comparatively cost-effective plans, WPX Hosting is the best WPEngine alternative. In this detailed review of WPX Hosting, I will cover all the Pros & Cons of WPX Hosting.

The Importance Of Website Speed in 2020

If you are not aware of the importance of fast websites in 2020, then you must spend some time reading this part carefully. Over a period of time, the user retention time has dropped significantly. That means, people become more impatient and they will not wait for a long time to load the web pages.

So, if your website takes a long time to load, readers may skip your website and go for another one to read. And that’s a big negative point for your website. This will further impact your website’s bounce rate and you will start losing your search engine ranking as well.

You can prevent this from happening only if your website is hosted on the fastest server of a quality hosting company. That’s the reason you must spend money on a good hosting plan to speed up your website.

In this detailed WPX Hosting review, I will share all the features and reasons so that you can easily understand why you must migrate to WPX Hosting.

WPX Hosting Review 2020: Is It Worth The Money?

WordPress is an amazing platform to create a website. We can use plenty of plugins to achieve any kind of requirements. However, this is why WordPress websites are facing speed-related issues. 

But if you can optimize your WordPress website properly then it can load blazing fast as well. For that the role of a good hosting company is very crucial. Let’s explore some amazing features of WPX Hosting that will help you to speed up your website.

Is WPX Hosting Is faster than other? (Speed & Uptime)

WPX Hosting offers high-quality SSD servers with the latest PHP version, server side Cache system, and integrated CDN (Content Delivery Network). It’s called WPX Cloud which offers a very fast loading website. 

By default you will be signed up to their CDN as soon as you host your website on WPX Hosting Plans. In many cases it’s found that websites hosted on WPX Hosting plan are loading under 2 seconds!

Besides that, WPX Hosting recommends to install W3 Total Cache Plugin (FREE) and they also offer a configuration file with all the necessary settings of W3 Total Cache to speed up your website.

Recently they have started deploying Litespeed servers, which will provide even higher speed and the best possible performance.

WPX Hosting offers a 99.99% Uptime guarantee, like almost every hosting company does. But in this case, they really mean this as in many testing it’s found that websites hosted on WPX Hosting rarely goes down.

And it’s possible because of their high quality server maintenance and the awesome support team working behind their hosting company. 

Speed is the key highlight of this WPX Hosting review. Now let’s find out some of the other amazing features as well.

Data Centers

WPX Hosting Offers 3 different data centers across the world. They are located in: Chicago, London, and Sydney. That means, if you are from those countries, then you can pick the local servers while buying WPX Hosting.

For others, you can easily activate WPX CDN Service and load websites faster. You can also go for a paid CDN like MaxCDN, if you want better performance and have enough budget. 

Free Daily Backup

Free backup is a very essential feature of a good hosting plan. WPX Hosting offers a Free Automatic backup facility for 28 days. That means, your entire website will be backed up by them and it will store on their server for the next 28 days. 

On top of that, they also offer manual backup service as well, which means if you want to create a backup on demand that is also allowed. Although you can take backups using any plugin, it’s good to have a backup facility from your hosting side. If you compare Backup with Kinsta & WPEngine, they offer 14 days & 40 days backup facility respectively.

Free Website Transfer

Due to a bad experience or slow servers, many people want to transfer their websites to a fast hosting like WPX Hosting. But the transfer process itself is not that easy for many people. That’s why WPX Hosting offers a free website migration service. 

That means, you need to contact their customer support team as soon as you complete WPX Hosting purchase, and then their team will transfer your entire WordPress site from old hosting to WPX Hosting without any kind of charges.

This is a paid service with many popular hosting companies like Bluehost charging $140 for every website you transfer. However, with WPX Hosting the cost is zero. They may take up to 24 hours of time to transfer your website for free.

Unlimited Email & Bandwidth

You can create an email account with your domain name and with WPX Hosting, you can create unlimited emails for your domains. There are no such limits. You can also set up an email forwarder and also use a 3rd party client like Gmail to receive emails.

Besides that, if you ask about WPX Hosting Bandwidth details, then they offer a limited bandwidth. Means, like other hosting providers they don’t just offer Unlimited bandwidth, but they share transparent information here by offering up to 100 GB bandwidth on their Basic plan. With such a high bandwidth limit & WPX Cloud CDN, you can easily handle a very high traffic on your websites easily.


Your website security is the biggest concern in 2020. Almost every single popular website is continuously getting bot traffic, login attempts by hackers and many malware threats. In such a scenario, WPX Hosting servers offer rock solid security.

Their servers are well covered with Web Application Firewall, DDOS protection by Incapsula, daily malware scans & removal of malicious files, updating server security features on a daily basis and many more. 

They have a dedicated malware team who are taking 24X7 extra measures to keep their servers secure. This kind of security & protection comes with extra expenses with other hostings when WPX Hosting is offering them free with their hosting plans.

Free SSL Certificate

We all know the importance of SSL certificates when we talk about website security. Besides that search engines like Google are preferring SSL activated websites over non-SSL sites when we talk about ranking. 

However, getting a good SSL Certificate may cost you extra. In such a scenario, WPX Hosting offers a FREE SSL Certificate to all the websites hosted on their accounts. They have partnered with Let’s Encrypt to provide a Free SSL Certificate.

Staging Area

WPX Hosting offers you a Staging area where you can perform multiple experiments or changes on your website without troubling the live website. This kind of features come with higher plans of any hosting plan. It is good for big websites where it is needed to test multiple features, functionalities before making them live for visitors.

24/7 Support

WPX Hosting offers good after sales support as well. Their support executives are very knowledgeable and they always provide you apt and fast resolution. Although they don’t offer phone support, their live chat support and ticket system are amazing. You will get a response within 30 seconds to chat with their support team. 

Besides that, they have a huge knowledge base or repository of tutorials which can help to understand various things about WPX Hosting. There are plenty of positive reviews about WPX Hosting support on the TrustPilot website.

Easy To Use Interface

The best part of WPX Hosting is that their hosting interface is very much user-friendly. From the purchase of WPX Hosting to installing WordPress and managing multiple things about your WordPress website – everything is so easy that a non-technical person can also do these activities without any difficulty. 

That’s why managed WordPress hosting plans are best for people who don’t want to take the stress of website management and only focus on their online business.

WPX Hosting Pricing 2020: How Much Does It Cost?

WPX Hosting offers 3 different types of hosting plans. They are Business, Professional, and Elite. All these hosting plans are different from each other based on the number of websites, the amount of disk space, and Bandwidth.

WPX Hosting PlansDeal Link

If you compare WPX Hosting with Kinsta & WPEngine, then their plans are really very cheap. The basic WPX Hosting plan starts from $24.99 for 5 websites every month which is quite affordable. Not only that, there is no traffic limit with WPX Hosting plans, whereas Kinsta and WPEngine have traffic limitations even on their higher plans.

WPX Hosting Business plan is enough for beginners with 5 websites. If you have a heavy traffic website, then only you may need a higher plan. But still you can start with a Business plan and if required, migrate to a Professional Or Elite plan.

WPX Hosting also offers a 50% discount on their first month billing for all their customers. Yes, you can activate the WPX Hosting Coupon Code and you will get a flat 50% discount on 1st month billing, when you subscribe for a minimum of one year period. 

Other than that, if you want to try their hosting on a Month-to-month payment basis that is also possible. But you have to pay a higher charge comparatively. It’s always good to buy hosting for more years so that you can save a lot of money using their initial discount offer.

FAQs Related To WPX Hosting Review

Does WPX Hosting offer shared hosting plans?

Actually WPX Hosting plans are shared hosting plans but they are well managed compared to other typical shared hosting plans. They offer many features of Managed WordPress hosting plans which make them different compared to others.

How many data centers WPX Hosting provides?

WPX Hosting offers 2 major data centers and they are USA and UK based. Besides that you can activate the free CDN service and enjoy a fast loading website from any country.

How many websites can I host with WPX Hosting?

As a beginner, the basic WPX Hosting plan, Business has the limit of 5 websites which is quite good. As mostly the starting hosting plans only host 1 website. If you want to host more than 5 websites, you can go for WPX Hosting Professional or Elite plan.

Does WPX Hosting offer FREE SSL?

Yes, WPX Hosting has partnered with Let’s Encrypt and they offer a free SSL certificate for all the websites you host on their servers.

Final Words?

If you compare WPX Hosting with any of the hosting plans which offer great speed, server, and support then you will find that their pricing is really amazing. The majority of the Managed WordPress hosting plans are very costly and they allow on 1 website with traffic limits.

Even the popular shared hosting plans offer great speed on their higher plans which are quite expensive, in that context, WPX Hosting is really worth the investment.

Besides that, with amazing support, high quality servers, security & plenty of features WPX Hosting is best for those who want to keep their website secure online. This is what I have explained in this detailed WPX Hosting review and I am sure you will agree with me as well. 

Feel free to share your experiences with WPX Hosting or any question related to this review by writing a comment below. 

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WPX Hosting is one of the best and reliable webhosting to host WordPress sites and blogs. The quality and features of WPX hosting at very budget-friendly price, make it the best WordPress hosting provider company.

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